Avante Australia has been helping a wide range of businesses all over Australia by supplying commercial grade mattresses to suit their individual needs.Our “Savant Range“, “Physio Range“, “Lumbar Range” and “My Range” mattresses are already being used by many business and schools for commercial purposes.

All of our commercial grade mattresses come with a 5 – 15 year Commercial Guarantee depending on the look and comfort required.

Avante Australia has mattresses to suit the budget requirements of any commercial project. Our Chiro, Physio, Latex and My Range Mattresses are made to commercial specifications to make sure the consumer has a quality sleep in a luxurious and supportive mattress. Even our “Spinal Care” mattress can be used in a commercial environment with a 1 year commercial warranty. So whatever your requirements are, Avante Australia can work with you to create commercial sleep solutions to suit your budget and comfort needs.

We can change any of our mattresses to suit the needs of any commercial situation. We do this by adding fire retardant ticking that exceeds Australian standards & redesigning the appearance of our mattresses by changing the fabric finish and/or re-branding our products if required to suit the needs of any commercial projects.

For further information or general commercial inquiry’s please call our Commercial Sales Representative Chase McDonald on 0418 412 077.