Welcome to The Avante Australia Mattress RangeAvante Australia is a premium mattress design and wholesale company specializing in sleep solutions for all budgets.

Why Choose an Avante Mattress??

  • Avante Australia does not use any Polyester Fillers when designing our mattresses. Polyester fillers are the leading cause of excessive body impressions.
  • All Avante Australia’s mattresses include double heat tempered spring units and all comfort layers are flanged and glued into place for longevity and superior comfort.
  • Only the best materials are used during production which allows Avante Australia to design mattresses that only require rotation instead of flipping the entire mattress.
  • Avante Australia only use solid foams over convoluted foams in all of our mattresses. Convoluted foams are luxurious at first but can break down quickly leading to excessive body impressions.
  • All non-adjustable mattresses include a heavy duty 5mm border wire edge support to prevent the edge of the mattress from collapsing and for an extended life. This also allows use of the entire surface of the mattress without that “fall out” feeling at the edge of the mattress.
  • Avante Australia use compressed insulated pads over loosely woven pads to protect our comfort layers from being worm by the springs. This protects our comfort layers for longer.

Made for comfort on a budget. These mattresses are offer fantastic value for money while still being exceptionally comfortable and supportive. Comfort ranges are covered by guarantees of up to 5 years.

All Popular models include high quality zoned pocket spring units and premium comfort layer materials. Popular ranges are covered by guarantees of up to 10 years.

Premium models are created using the latest technologies and designs to deliver the most luxurious comfort and support Avante Australia has to offer. The premium range of mattresses all include either pure pin-core latex, gel infused memory foam or both along with zoned pocket spring units or handmade pocket in pocket springs designs. Premium Ranges are all covered by a comprehensive 15 year guarantee.